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39-45 Portraits Project

Volume (1)

A classic and timeless collection of portraits by Photographer Glyn Dewis, of World War 2 Veterans from the British Armed Forces (Army, Navy and RAF)

Veterans featured in Volume (1) include:
Alan King, Squadron Leader Allan Scott DFM, Albert Allen, David Edwards, David Woodrow, Denzil Cooper, Ernest Chambers, Frank Pendergast, Fred Glover, George Avery, George Parsons, Gordon Drabble, Harry Bowdery, Idwal Symonds, Jack Ansell, Jack Woods, James Corrigan, Jeff Haward MM, Jim Hooper, Jim Radford, John Harrison, John Sleep, Laurie Weeden, Len Fox, Leonard Trewin, Maurice Sadler, Mary Sadler, Mervyn Kersh, Reg Charles, Richard Edser, Richard Forrester, Robert Larnach, Roy Cadman, Roy Maxwell, Stan Swansborough, Steven Barnwell, Ted Hancox, Edwin Hunt, Thomas Parkinson, Tom Schaffer, Victor Urch, Walerian Jaworski, Wally Fuller.


Available Formats:


Hardback: £77.59

eBook: £9.99

PDF: £9.99

*Note: All profits from sales of this book go to the 'Veterans Charity' and the 'Taxi Charity for Military Veterans'

39-45 Portraits Project - Volume 1

39-45 Portraits Project - Volume 1

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