3945 Portraits


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Thomas, aged 8, Interviews Glyn


The Mission Statement of the 39-45 Portraits Project is:


To Honour
To Remember, and
To Educate

In this video I was interviewed by 8 year old Thomas has a fascination to learn about veterans and World War 2.

Fantastic to see the next generation having an interest and in so doing, keeping memories alive.

Normandy 1944

by David Edwards


A beautiful yet powerful poem written by the delightful David Edwards inspired by his time spent in Normandy, France  during World War 2.

One time when visiting I recorded David reading his poem and from that, compiled this short piece so that Dav

Compiled and Edited by me (Glyn)

Normandy 1944

Normandy 1944

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WW2 Medals

World War 2 Medals

Here's where you can look up World War 2 Medals and Awards along with their qualifying criteria. 


Rank Structure

Rank structure within the British Army, Royal Air Force and Navy (Royal and Merchant)