Frequently asked questions

What is the 3945 Portraits Project?

Originally a personal project and a way of givingback, I felt compelled to take classic portraits of Veterans so that I could give them timeless portraits that will remain in their families for many years to come. Very happy to say that the project has grown and continues to grow far beyond anything I imagined or expected. The portraits are due to be exhibited at a 3 month long exhibition starting on 5th October 2019, a coffee table style book of Veterans Portraits and Stories and to date the project has helped raised over £18,000 for the Veteran's Charity and to help improve Veteran's quality of life.

What happens to the portraits?

Each Veteran receives a mounted 11" x 11" print on Fine Art Paper (or whatever crop suits the photograph). Each portrait is also displayed in the 3945 Portraits Gallery and will appear in the 3945 Portraits Exhibition being held at The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock, Oxfordshire from 5th October 2019 with the sole purpose of educating younger generations and raising money for the Veterans Charity.

Are you looking for more Veterans to photograph?

Absolutely so please, if you know of a Veteran do get in touch using the contact form so that we can speak and look to arrange something.

How much does it cost?

Nothing...not a penny!

Where do you take the photographs?

I'll travel wherever the project takes me and the portraits are mostly photographed in the Veterans' homes or wherever is convenient for them. The minimal kit / small footprint of the equipment used means not much space is need and I promise you'll never even know I'd been there once packed away :)

Do you photograph Veterans outside of the UK?

At the moment I'm concentrating on Veterans who live in the UK so that I can get to see and photograph as many as possible over the coming years. Of course I'd love to meet up and include Veterans across Europe and that is most definitely my intention, however because of obvious time considerations I need to concentrate efforts within the UK.

I know a Veteran. Would you photograph them?

Absolutely! It's so incredibly important that we photograph our Veterans for them and so that their families have a portrait they can treasure. If you do know a Veteran please do get in touch using the CONTACT form so that we can look to arrange something.

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