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Here's a list of World War 2 Medals; click on each to enlarge, reveal their name and qualifying criteria.

Nine stars were issued for the campaigns of World War 2. The colours of the ribbons have symbolic significance and are believed to have been designed personally by King George VI.

No more than 5 stars may be awarded to one person. The retrospective introduction of the Arctic Star in 2013, following the Sir John Holmes Independent Medal Review, meant that a sixth star could be worn. In all cases it is only the Arctic Star that is the sixth star that can be worn.

Those veterans who qualify for more are awarded a clasp with the title of one of the stars to which they qualify. The clasp is then attached to the ribbon of one of the other stars.

If a veteran qualifies for 2 or 3 of the Atlantic, Air Crew Europe and France and Germany stars, the first star earned is awarded. They will then receive a clasp with the title of the second star earned to be worn on the ribbon of the first. A third star or clasp will not be awarded in this case.

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