A Priceless Gift: Richard Rutter MM

This past weekend I got to spend some time with my Uncle Jeff (Military Historian and ex-1st Battalion Staffordshire Regiment) ; love it when we get together and talk about all things World War 2.

Completely overwhelmed that he gave me Richard Rutter (MM) Walking Out Stick.

Richard 'Dick' was awarded the MM and served with my Grandad in the 7th South Staffords in Normandy, and in more recent times became a very close friend of the family.

Sadly my Grandad had passed some years back and now too has Dick, but having him around, knowing he knew Grandad was wonderful. He was also a big part of my Uncle Jeff's Wedding (1940's themed) where he accompanied my Aunty Janet and 'gave her away'.

I'm going to be getting the stick placed in a bespoke box frame along with a photograph of Richard and have it on display in my office and then in my studio when we move.

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