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David Edwards presented with Légion d'Honneur

Wonderful to see that during the recent trip to Normandy, Veteran and friend, David Edwards was officially presented the Legion d'Honneur; France's highest highest order of merit, whilst visiting the school in Mondrainville that is named after him as his friend Tom Griffiths (sadly passed); L'Ecole Edwards-Griffiths.

News of this made it into the local media, with it being covered by the Abergavenny Chronicle and (LINK) and the South Wales Argus (LINK)

David laid a wreath during the service of remembrance at the Bayeux War Cemetery, which was also attended by Prince Charles, and added “Whenever I visit Normandy it conjures up a whole host of emotions and memories for me. One time a particular incident happened that I know will stay with me.

The bus had just pulled up outside our hotel and before we got off, a French lady climbed on board and said, ‘My english is not that good, but it is good enough to thank you all for giving my grandchildren their freedom.’

“I thought that was such a lovely gesture because for anyone who has fought in a war, you cannot put the things you experience into words.

“Normandy was a special place for the allies who saw action there, because everyone knew it was the beginning of the end and that the whole thing would soon be over.”

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