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IMPORTANT UPDATE: 3945 Portraits Exhibition

With the opening of the 3945 Portraits Exhibiton soon upon us I wanted to pass on this important update covering: Timings, Parking, Refreshments and a Donation for the Museum..

First off here's a video I recorded and underneath just a few added details...


Following on from the video here's a running order for the day:

10.30am: Ribbon Cutting and Doors Open for mingling and drinks

11.30am: Presentations

12.30pm: Presentations End followed by Cake Cutting

1.00pm: Presentations (Repeat)

1.45pm: Presentations end followed by mingling, making friends and enjoying another glass of fizz :)

Obviously before, during and after these times everyone is able to browse the portraits and everything else on display including the main museum which is fantastic!

So just to clarify, if you're not bringing along a Veteran or haven't been contacted by me directly, then it will be best to come along for about midday and have a chance to see a repeat of the presentations. There is limited space within the meeting room and we need to ensure that all Veterans are seated and comfortable.

In all we're expecting there to be around 20-22 WW2 Veterans present along with TV including the BBC, ITV and National Press so it's going to be busy for sure!


In short unless you have received an alloted parking pass in the post then it's advisable that you use the Oxford Parkway Park and Ride. This is incredibly convenient and after a short 10 minute journey drops you off just around the corner from the museum. Pick up to travel back is outside the front of the Marlborough Arms Hotel.

Oxford Parkway is located at postcode: OX2 8HA

Here's a link for more information about Oxford Parkway: LINK

For Woodstock use: Bus 500 from Stand F

Key to Map:

A: Drop off point from Oxford Parkway Park and Ride

B: Free Parking Car Park (Limited Space & Fills quickly.

C: Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

As you can see from the map there is FREE parking in Woodstock and this is very well sign posted however, as you'd expect it does fill quickly. Road parking as available BUT this is limited to 1hour or 2hours and Traffic Wardens do monitor these closely.

Best and most convenient, stress free parking expereince is definitely Oxofrd Parkway which for parking and bus return is approximately £4.


If you're arriving in plenty of time and francy grabbing a tea, coffee, light bite or full blown meal, you are very well catered for in Woodstock with ample cafes, restaurant, pubs, hotels.

At the exhibition there will be a glass of prosecco and non-alcoholic champagne available. There are also hot drinks (tea and coffee) served by the museum at £2.50 each.

Note: Veterans hot drinks are provided free.

There is also a cake that has been made for the exhibtion. It's rather large and will provide quite a few portions plus there is a small cafe at the museum, however this is also there for other museum visitors and due to it's size and capability we ask that folks don't overwhelm them.

Note: I'm afraid none of the refreshments provided at the exhibition cater for any special dietary requirements.


Finally, could I please ask that unless you are a Veteran you please do make a small donation of say, £3 to the museum. They have done so much to enable this exhibition to go ahead and to explain all would require a post all of its own. A small donation will go a long way in helping the museum to continue the incredible work they did with their in-house display, research, archiving, education and so much more...

Ok, I think that's all for now so all that's left is to thank you for all the support and I simply cannot wait to see you there on Saturday.

Safe travels Glyn

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