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Farewell to a Dear Friend...

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Rest in Peace my Dear Friend...

Incredibly sad that the World has lost such a sweet, kind, gentle man in Jim Hooper.

So dearly loved by so many, Jim and I had been speaking every Wednesday on the phone as we chatted through and recorded his memoires for a book that I was writing of his life story. Our last conversation he left me in suspense as we reached his first day for Glider Pilot Regiment Training with the words..."and then I arrived at Salisbury plain and that was very interesting, but I'll tell you about that next week..."

We never got to talk about it but the book WILL happen!

So glad I recorded Jim's voice.

Below too is recent footage from BBC South East who were so very kind to dedicate time to Jim's passing...

Please, if you read this, also check out the video posted below when Jim was a shining light at the very first exhibtion of my 3945 Portraits Project as the BBC News covered him re-uniting with his close friend, Denzil Cooper (WW2 Veteran, Glider Pilot Regiment).

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