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Photographing Frank Pendergast

I'd been wanting to meet up with Veteran Frank Pendergast (7th Battalion, Parachute Regiment) ever since starting the 3945 Portraits Project, and today I did just that.

A great morning spent at his home in South East London taking his portrait, drinking tea and eating mince pies.

After the photo shoot we recorded half an hour or so of Frank talking about life before the Paras where he said "Fighting was my life; I loved it. Every week we'd go to Millwall Football and stand in one end of the ground and cheer for the team on the other side. This caused a few fights I can tell you"...

In this short clip Frank remembers Colonel Pine-Coffin...

A few days later I boxed up and posted Frank's portraits to him and this was the picture I received thanks to his friend Chris Willmot; makes me VERY happy :)

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