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We lost a Great Man … WW2 Veteran Frank Pendergast

It still hasn’t sunk in that yesterday we lost a truly Great Man; World War 2 Veteran, 7th Battalion Parachute Regiment Frank Pendergast…

In the time I’ve been working on my39-45 Portraits ProjectI’d met Frank on quite a few occasions; in Normandy, atTaxi Charity For Military Veteranslunches, at his home and when he came along to the exhibition where his portrait stood proudly on display.

A wonderful man who told a great story and would always answer the phone…”That is you, this is me…hello”

Huge thanks to Frank’s close friend Chris Willmott for sending me this picture from when received his portrait parcel

At the exhibition, at one point when I was talking to my dear friend Nathan Black, Frank came up clutching the one and only copy of the 39-45 Portraits Project Book. He was crying and saying how much he loved what had been done and if he could have this copy to take home.

Unfortuantely that book, being the only one, had to stay at the museum but I am so glad that I ordered a new one and sent it to Frank a few weeks ago. His close friend Chris Willmott told me Frank had received it (unexpectedly) in the post and was overjoyed. We spoke on the phone and I could hear Frank was crying…but tears of happiness.

A truly lovely man that will be so dearly missed by so many.

Below are a couple of videos from when I first met up with Frank and took his portrait at his home and then sat and recorded a chat.

Also you can also see Frank in Guy Martin’s D-Day Landing programme as he appears throughout being interviewed; wonderful viewing and typical Frank.

God Bless and Rest Easy Soldier x

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