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Chatting with Fred Glover (9th Btn Parachute Regiment)

A few days ago I had the absolute pleasure and honour of meeting up with Veteran, Fred Glover (ex 9th Btn. Parachute Regiment) at his home in Brighton.

Along with my wife Anne we headed down to spend some time with Fred to take his portrait for the upcoming exhibition and to record a short chat, but more so to finally meet him. Fred is someone I've wanted to meet since starting this project and is a name I've heard more and more...and for good reason.

From the minute we arrived he was truly on form. We all sat in his front room and Fred soon started to talk about events when he was in the Parachute Regiment during World War 2 and one moment...leaned forward with a frown and paused for a good few seconds.

Thinking he was about to say something profound he then paused a few moments more...placed his hand on Anne's shoulder and said..."Are you good at making tea?" to which we all burst out laughing. Subtle as a brick :) Brilliant!

Can't wait for when we both go visit Fred again in a couple of weeks with his photographs AND a special request he put in, but in the mean time here's a short video I recorded where Fred talks about Parachute Jump Training and more recent jumps beginning at the tender age of 90!

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