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John Harrison: 46 Commando Royal Marines

An honour to have met and photographed WW2 Veteran / 46 Commando John Harrison earlier this week and also to have met his wonderful family: daughter Nicky and son Stephen.

During World War 2, John suffered a severe head injury from shrapnel; so severe that he was told had it been 2mm further over it would have been fatal!

The beret he's wearing in these portraits is the very one he was wearing at the time...with the shrapnel holes still visible.

Thoroughly enjoyed the road trip with my friend (and navigator) Jeff Hewitt and to have had John present me with a Commemorative Tie on behalf of the Veterans, Family and Friends of 46 Commando was the icing on the cake.

The Waist High Cornfield

If you're interested in all things World War 2 (and I guess you are if you're reading this blog) then I highly recommend a book written about 46 Commando by Keith Taylor; you'll struggle to find a more detailed, well designed, easy to read book:

To get hold of a copy just drop my friend Jeff Hewitt an email:

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