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Photographing 19 of The Finest

Last week I had the utmost pleasure of being invited to the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, Collectors and Supporters Lunch at the Royal Air Force Club in Mayfair, London.

A truly wonderful afternoon in the company of great people, made even better by having the opportunity to photograph more folks for the 39-45 Portraits Project PLUS the opportunity to capture this group photograph of 19 Veterans together...

And to help with names...

1) Ernie Davies

2) Stan Moore

3) George Skipper

4) Roy Maxwell

5) Alex Borrie

6) Harry Bailey

7) Frank Pendergast

8) Peter Kent

9) Tom Schaffer

10) Thomas Parkinson

11) Dickie Forrester

12) John King

13) James Corrigan

14) Bill Gladden

15) Marie Scott

16) Danny McCrudden

17) Geoffrey Pulzer

18) Albert Wiltshire

19) Harry Rawlins

Over on my main website / blog ( I'll be showing how this group photograph was put together, as not having a wide angle lens with me at the time it meant taking 5 portraits in quick succession and stitching them together during the editing process.

For now though here's a little 'Behind the Scenes' showing the photograph being taken...

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