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Roy Maxwell: 4 Commando British Army

Sunday this past weekend I finally met up with someone who's name I have many times since starting this 3945 Portraits Project as someone I MUST meet; Roy Maxwell.

I'd arranged to meet him at his home in Bristol along with his Granddaughter Bianca and arrived nice and early. Roy was exactly as I'd been told by so many; funny, humble, a Gentleman and a man with 'presence' ... I was so looking forward to photographing him.

Roy was a delight to photograph, great company with there being lots of laughs. Roy commented at one point during the photo shoot saying how relaxing it was ... made me so bloomin' happy to hear him say that.

I'll never forget the moment when we were all chatting afterwards and Roy's phone rang ... "Excuse me" he said as he picked the phone up and put it on loud speaker, at which we could hear it was a cold call.

As the caller carried on with his blurb Roy screwed up his face, and with a "Hmmmm" promptly pressed to end the call, looked up and smiled his film star smile, to which we all burst out laughing. Brilliant :)

Cannot wait to see Roy's portrait in the upcoming Exhibition!

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