WW2 books I couldn't put down

Never have I read so much since before starting this 3945 Portraits Project; Amazon deliveries seem to be turning up every other day at the moment with yet another book :)

For this post I thought I'd give you details of 3 books I've read recently that I genuinely struggled to put down and didn't want to end.

I'll add these into the Education section for recommended books which will include First Person Accounts (as these are) and History of Events type of books.

First Light

This is the gripping autobiography of the youngest Spitfire pilot in the Battle of Britain, Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum. Such a great insight into the training of RAF pilots during World War 2 and accounts of battles in the air that really do make you feel as if you're in the cockpit.

There's also a BBC Docu-Drama of the same name which itself is a great watch but the book really does take some beating.

Sadly Geoffrey Wellum died in July 2018; would so love to have met and photographed him.

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A Raid Over Berlin

I first became aware of this book having watched BBC's, One Show where the author, John Martin, a World War 2 RAF Wireless Operator on Lancaster Bombers was featured talking about his life story. His dream was to have his account made into a book which to his surprise was secretly done and presented to him by publishers, Parthian Books.

A truly incredible story, a A Raid Over Berlin tells the truly miraculous story of how John was thrown clear of his disintegrating aeroplane and found himself parachuting into the heart of Nazi German, soon to be captured and begin his period as a prisoner of war.

With only 176 pages you'll get through it in no time but wish there was more.


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Commando Men

Now this book has to be fastest I have ever read this book; got it on the Tuesday and finished it the next day. Could not put it down!

Written by WW2 Veteran, ex Royal Marine 45 Commando, Bryan Samain, it was first published in 1948 and tells the story of the men of General Section 45 Royal Marine Commando in Europe through D-Day until VE Day, through Northern France to the Baltic.

Reading the words I could almost see, smell and hear the action as the author gives such detailed accounts of operations, and at times genuinely felt anxious.

Truly a gripping read! Truly a classic!

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